UIQELYS IQ Treat Ball, Interactive Dog Toys Treat Dispenser Tumbler Pet Food Ball Foraging Toy for Dogs and Cats


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Product Description

IQ Treat ball could arouse the interested and the appetites of dogs and cats!

√Slow down feeding
1.If your dog eats too fast and always feeds, indigestion can cause bloating.
2.Put these foods on the dog food ball dispenser, they have no choice but to eat something.

√No longer bored
1.This interactive dog toy will have fun interacting with your dog and cat.
2.Dog Intelligence Stimulates toy balls to reduce boredom and destructive behavior through physical activity and healthy play.
3.Dog educational toy balls will develop your dog’s physical alertness to meet their hunting instinct.

√Reward makes your pet happy
1.Fill your dog’s favorite foods to promote active and healthy feeding.
2.When your dog plays and rolls the ball, the food rewards them.

Product Specification
Appearance size: 3.94*3.94* 3.54 inch
Net Weight: 0.6lb
Package : 1 x Tumbler Food Dog Feeders
Product material: ABS + PC + iron

1.The size of the treats leaking hole is adjustable, you can set it according to the size of the food.
2.Three holes are designed on the top of the toy cap so that the dog can smell it.
3.There are two markers on the toy, and you only need to align when you assemble the two parts.


  • Non-toxic and 100% Safe – Made of high quality ABS and PC material, this IQ treat ball with food dispenser is ultra durable and non-odor, 100% safe for your lovely pets to chew.
  • Special Tumbler Design – It can arise your dog great interest and fun with food. It can see, smell, hear it and found the foods. The size of the treats leaking hole is adjustable,Suitable for all pets.
  • Slow Down Feeding – Fill the ball with your dog’s favorite treats. When your furry friend chew or roll the ball,treats will fall out and your pets will get the treats one by one while playing.
  • Playing with Food – Dogs reduce boredom and sabotage by playing and exercising IQ Treat Ball. Develop and maintain your dog’s physical alertness, satisfy their hunting instinct.
  • Easy to Clean – Interactive balls are easy to unscrew to add food or snacks and make cleaning easy. Rinse each part with foamy water, ensure internal drying before filling.
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