SunGrow Pet Treat Dispenser Toy, 4 Inches Diameter with 0.7 Inches Opening for Treats, Food Puzzle Ball, IQ Enhancer, Boredom Buster, for Cats and Dogs, 1 Pack


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Product Description

Play Time, Meal Time, Fun Time!
Let your beloved pets go gaga over SunGrow’s Interactive Dog Ball. This is designed to attract and encourage your pooch to exercise, eat healthily & live happily. He’ll get attracted to its cute design and duck-like sound that it produce. It also has a hole where you can add pet food. Once he is able to figure out how these treats will fall off from the dispenser, he will be delighted.

What’s In It for You?
When we buy stuff for our pups, we always think how he can benefit from it. However, this boredom buster toy more than anything else, should make things easier for you to perform your role as pet parents better.

This ball can primarily help you in 2 ways:

1) Prevents furniture & household items from damages
When dogs feel bored and lonely, they resort to destructive behavior to relieve stress. They destroy things that are easily accessible to them such as sofa, clothes, books etc. By giving them an interesting toy to play with, they will be kept busy, focused and well-behaved.

2) Foster better pet-parent Relationship
Gene Hill says that “Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog”. Once you spend quality time with your dog, you understand him more. You will also be able to practice love differently, one that is not selfish.

Which pets can be given the Food Dispenser Ball?
The food dispenser ball by SunGrow is a great attraction amongst cat, pug, Schnauzer, Schipperke, Welsh corgi, Yorkshire and Scottish terrier, Italian greyhound and many others.

Product Measurements:
Food Puzzle Ball Diameter – 3 inches
Small opening for Treat – 0.7 inches

SunGrow Pet Pro Tip:
Wash the ball thoroughly, before using it the first time.

Kindly note that the food puzzle ball by SunGrow is Not for aggressive chewers.


  • ✅ TREAT DISPENSER & IQ ENHANCER BALL — In the pursuit of retrieving snacks from the SunGrow IQ ball, pet’s senses get stimulated as they roll it back and forth. Experienced veterinarians recommend slow feeders to aid digestion and reduce bloating. Encourage your pet to play with this hard plastic treat ball as this allows them to eat in small portions.
  • ✅ MENTAL & PHYSICAL STIMULATION OF PETS UNDER 30 LBS. — Just fill the treat dispensing ball with your pet’s favorite small-sized snacks and toss it to them. Your pet will love tossing and rolling the ball to get their snacks out – turning feeding time into an interactive playtime. So combine exercise with feeding to control your pet’s weight, help them getting physically fit and at the same time, increase their IQ.
  • ✅ CLEAN PET’S TEETH HASSLE-FREE — The hard plastic ball by SunGrow is made keeping busy pet owners in mind. This Challenging puzzle ball cleans pet’s teeth apart from offering unlimited fun. So if your pet is not comfortable with using a toothpaste or dental treat, this ball serves as an alternative that uses pet’s natural instincts to improve their oral health. This is also recommended for teething puppy.
  • ✅ KEEPS YOUR PET ENTERTAINED FOR HOURS WHILE SAVING YOUR FURNITURE — Your dogs and cats will have hours of fun getting the food while hearing the cute squeaking sounds from rolling the SunGrow IQ Ball. Plus, save your furniture from the chewing damage as they go on the destruction spree due to boredom.
  • ✅ STURDY & DURABLE, BUILT TO LAST — Unlike the traditional soft and toxic plastic balls, the SunGrow IQ Pet ball is made from hard plastic. However, we would still highly recommend to keep this toy away from aggressive chewers. Due to their chewy nature, they might shred this toy into pieces in no matter of time.
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