Perky Tail Dog Toys Treat Dispenser – Interactive Fun Game for Boredom, IQ Enhancement – Easy to Use – Helps Training Puppies – Relieves Anxiety – Non-Toxic Dog Feeding Toy


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Product Description

All dogs whether they are big, small, little or large, love games. From the cockapoo to spaniels and even golden retrievers, stimulation is key… Introducing our very first interactive dog puzzle toy and brain game. It’s perfect for developing your dog’s IQ, preventing boredom and treating separation anxiety. It will also keep your anxious or bored puppy, little or large happy, healthy and active. 

Let Your Dog Stay Active: This brain game is perfect for promoting positive behavioural habits as well as a healthy and active lifestyle for your doggie! This gaming toy is combined with many features and helps to maintain your dog’s physical alertness, improve brain training and reduce mental stress. 

Food Dispenser: Test your dog’s intelligence and train them to be smarter with our dog treat dispensing toy! This funny puppy training game consists of a mouse-shaped food box for your pet’s favourite bites. It is also a creative supplement to make your dog eat easily and reduce their level of boredom or anxiety. The spring-loaded toy will dance around, and we have found many dogs delight in this thus promoting physical activity and mental focus! 

Puzzle Feeding Toy: The toy comes with various difficulty levels and this allows you to adjust the depletion rate of the puppy treats. our puzzle food toys for dogs consist of adjustment options with which you can set the treats depletion rate, stimulating your pets’ curiosity, interest and IQ in grabbing its food! 

100% Safe: Made of highly durable, robust and strong non-toxic MABS plastic, making the toy long lasting and safe for dogs of all ages. Specification: Material: MABS plastic Spring: 304 stainless steel Capacity of Spring: up to 5 kg Suction base Package Includes: 1 x Pet Food Dispenser Toy


  • BOREDEOM BUSTER 🐕 Made with highly durable and robust materials, the pet treat dispenser from Perky Tail Toys can help to keep your dog entertained and anxiety free while you are away from home. This makes the Interactive Treat Dispenser one of the most effective separation anxiety puzzle toys for dogs.
  • UNIQUE PUZZLE GAME FOR DOGS 🐕 Our dog toys for boredom are designed to be fun, unique and creative. This interactive dog puzzle toy consists of a spring attached to a strong suction base and a mouse shaped box filled with food. The environmentally friendly material is transparent, and this allows your pet to easily see the food inside the teat feeder. With all these features this is sure to keep your dog occupied.
  • FOOD DISPENSING TOY: Fill with treats and let your dog have it! Keep your dog mentally and physically active with our dog training boredom toys! Modelled to be non-toxic, our product is sure to arouse the interest and appetite, fulfilling their hunting requirements!
  • INTERACTIVE DOG TOY 🐕 Enhance dog IQ with this dog brain game. Our puppy puzzle is perfect for preventing feelings of isolation, anxiety and boredom. This dog puzzle, dog treat dispensing toy is sure to keep your dog or puppy happy when you leave the house! With our dog boredom your dog will no longer feel bored, lonely or anxious!
  • EASY TO CLEAN & USE 🐕 With our dog training treat dispenser it is easy fill the food box with your pet’s favourite treats and kibble. Once finished simply rinse in soapy water and let it dry.
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